Tips for Hosting the Perfect Garden Party

Spring has sprung and that means your opportunities for entertaining just got a whole lot more exciting. It's no longer too snowy to trek to a friend's apartment or to stand outside for more than a minute without freezing. Throwing an outdoor garden party is the perfect way to celebrate the new season and catch up with friends. While a garden party calls to mind sophistication and elegance, you don't have to spend hours or empty out your wallet to host one.

With these easy tips, you can throw a chic and charming garden party you and your friends will love.

Keep it comfy
Garden parties should be anything but stuffy – they should be relaxing celebrations of the warm-weather season that are effortlessly stylish. To create this kind of atmosphere, keep dining areas and seating options comfortable and simple. Chatelaine recommended throwing down a large, soft blanket and topping it with a low table and a bunch of comfy cushions. Using cushions instead of chairs will add some boho charm to your party. A potted plant set here and there will add a little extra nature-inspired style.

Set an eclectic table
Forget a prim and proper table setting – you want your party to be effortlessly classy, not stuffy. So, add some eclectic charm to your table settings by using a mismatched selection of plates and glasses. Some swaths of vintage fabric make for great tablecloths, while fresh-cut or dried flowers spread artfully on the table will add some extra style.

Add some warm ambiance
A garden party is all about the sweet little touches that create a lovely atmosphere. Hang white string lights on trees and bushes for a magical glow once the sun begins to set – little mason jar lanterns hung from tree branches adds even more whimsy. Adorn tables with candles for a warm, intimate glow. Don't forget the music, either. Soft folk music played from your laptop will do, but for an extra special touch, Chatelaine suggested playing vintage vinyl records on a record player.

Serve on-point eats
No garden party is complete without finger sandwiches. Try making classic cucumber, egg salad or smoked salmon and cream cheese sandwiches for fun and sophisticated treats – just make sure you cut the crusts off! Don't forget the beverages, either. A garden party is a great opportunity to try some special, one-of-a-kind drinks. An elderflower, blackberry or lemon sprizter, served in mason jars, of course, is a great option, but other refreshing beverages include lime rickeys, sparkling flavored water and iced herbal teas. You can even use a small bookshelf to hold the drinks or an old-fashioned bar cart for added charm.