How to Throw the Perfect Bridal Shower for Your Bestie

So your best friend just got engaged and you couldn't be more excited for her. And soon after her SO popped the question, she asked you to be her maid of honor, basically turning you into a mess of happy tears and nerves. While you know the next few months are going to be a blast, you also have a lot of responsibilities to take on – one includes throwing her the perfect bridal shower. Don't get overwhelmed, just follow these tips and your bestie will be in awe.

Choose a theme and decorate
Deciding on a theme can help ease the decorating process. While the traditional bridal shower theme encompasses the "tea party" feel, don't opt for that if it doesn't fit the bride's personality. Wedding planner Geneve McNally told Style At Home magazine that that particular theme isn't even very common anymore.

"If themes are included, they often involve more personal subjects, like things the bride loves to do, for example shopping, reading or going to movies," she said.

Whatever theme you choose, decorate with the bride's favorite scented candles for feelings of warmth and comfort.

"Design a guessing game that tests the guests."

Plan some party games
No bridal shower is complete without a round of cute, cheesy games. And no one knows the bride quite like you do, so you got this! Design a guessing game that tests how well everyone else knows her – it's a fun way to help the party get to know the bride (almost) as well as you do.

Finger foods, anyone?
What better way to show appreciation for the guests than by feeding them the cutest, daintiest finger foods? Consider making sandwiches with fresh strawberries, cream cheese and honey for the sweets-lovers. For guests with a savory palette, you can offer prosciutto crostinis with crunchy fennel slaw. The bride will appreciate the time you took to create a variety of flavors to satisfy all of the guests.