What Happens to Your Body When You Don’t Work Out

So you're in the middle of binge watching Friends on Netflix for the second time in a row – because it's finally there for you – and you haven't moved in weeks. At some point you told yourself: Just one more episode and I'll get up and workout. That turned into one more, and another, and soon it became that one where you didn't exercise for an entire month. Friends puns aside, don't you think it's time to squeak in a workout? 

Here's the thing – not working out might actually be the reason why you can't stop binging your favorite shows on Netflix. And, to be honest, neglecting to get physical could be the reason for several of your recent ailments. Don't believe it? Check out all the things that happen to your body when you don't work out:

1. You start to retain fluid.
Let's just be upfront with it: Within only one week of no exercise, – like three days – your body starts to rebel. Your muscles strength begins to weaken and you retain fluids which is what makes you feel bloated, reported Women's Health Magazine. 

2. You start to lose sleep over it.
Elite Daily explained that the less you exercise, the harder it is for you to fall asleep at night. In fact, you're actually more at risk for developing sleep related conditions like sleep apnea. The source explained that working out helps you relieve that "extra nervous energy" you get when you have a test or deadline coming up. But if you don't workout, you're more likely to be up all night worrying about them instead of properly resting. 

3. You start to gain weight.
You probably already knew you'd gain some weight if you skipped a workout. But did you know an extra 500 calories a day means you'll gain one pound a week? LiveStrong wellness blog did the math – weight gain just happens that fast. 

4. You start to lose muscle mass.
OK so now it's been two weeks and that means your muscles have to work twice as hard to get you up the stairs. This is because the amount of oxygen muscles in motion use has decreased by about 20 percent, reported Elite Daily. 

5. You start to crave more junk food.
If you worked out, you could justify craving that pizza every once in a while, but Elite Daily explained that the body starts to yearn for comfort foods when you stop exercising. When you don't work out, your body instinctively gets stressed out more easily making you feel groggy and in need of some food TLC.

6. You start to get respiratory issues.
Overall, your body just starts to work less hard for you. After a couple months of inactivity, Women's Health explained that your metabolism slows down and your heart and lungs don't function as well as they should.

At the end of the day…
The worst part about not working out is how long it takes to get back in shape. Elite Daily explained that you have to double the amount of time you took a break from working out to get back to where you were when you stopped. So if you've taken a two-month hiatus from exercising, it'll take you a month to recover from that.

But there's good news. Friends has been off the air for years. And since this is your second time binging the series, you already know what happens, so you can afford to press pause and get moving. Blow out your candles, pull aside the curtains and put your sneakers on. It's time to get out of your cave and get moving again.