Video Commercial Contest ($6,800 Ruby Ring)

We are excited to announce our new contest beginning at 8pm May the 11th. This is our Diamond Candles commercial competition with the grand prize being a $6,800 ruby ring with appraisal and documentation!

Take a look below at the ring!


Ruby Ring Video Contest Diamond Candles













And the appraisal!

Diamond Candles Ruby Ring Appraisal














How does it work?

  1. Create a video that is in either a creative, humorous, and/or inspiring way a commercial for Diamond Candles. You can focus on the fact that we have a ring in every candle, on our ‘eco-cred’ with being a soy based non-toxic wax, or just how good our candles smell; (or it would be great to have all three elements!).
  2. Upload video to youtube and then submit link via our video contest section on our facebook page. Video needs to be a minimum 30 seconds long but at a maximum of 5 minutes long. Video need be family friendly and must remain PG. No inappropriate content, language, or themes permitted (violators will have video submissions removed!). “Diamond Candles” must be somewhere in the title of the video and the title of the video should be something that describes the theme of you like “Diamond Candles Commercial Contest: Cutest Baby” if the theme of your video was about your small child and Diamond Candles. In the description section of your video, start everything off with a link to Diamond Candles by putting followed by a short description of your contest entry.
  3. Wait until video submission period ends on May 26th at 7 am est. Then voting begins and is open to the public for a period of two weeks. Facebook fans and the general public can vote up to 5 times per day for different video submissions.
  4. The video with the most votes by the end of the voting period (May 26th – June 9th) will be announced at 6pm est on Thursday June 29th of 2011.

What do I do now?

Get together with friends and family and figure out a creative, humorous, and or inspiring commercial that you can make for Diamond Candles! The most important part of this contest is to have fun. We can’t wait to see videos that make us laugh, think, and cry (okay maybe not cry).

Official rules, regulations, and terms regarding this contest can be accessed here.

Any more questions?

Ask any further questions or if anything needs clarification in the comment section below. If there seems to be any common questions than we will reserve this area for any clarifications that we might need to make for any reason.


5/23/2011-In  order to make sure that there is no gaming of votes we have made a slight change to how things will go down. Once the voting period ends there will be a short period of time where the administrators of the contest (Diamond Candles) will review the results and choose the winner.  We intend to not have it by default automatically be determined by the video with the highest votes that for example if some 14 year old boy that it would be funny to submit a low quality video and have his 10,000 facebook fan friends come vote on his video to win the contest. This would be against the spirit of the contest and would be undesirable. So making the final decision in control of Diamond Candles we will go with the popular vote provided there is no obvious contest gaming where a lower quality video is driven to the top spot.

If you have any questions about any of these updates please ask in the comments section below and we will clarify or address any issues that we might have left out.