The Ultimate Gift Guide When You Don’t Know What to Get Your Friend

Having trouble coming up with a gift for your friend's birthday? Are phrases like, "She's impossible to shop for," or "She already has everything," circling through your head? Scrap that negativity. Finding the perfect present for your friend is easier than you think – you just have to stop over thinking it. Your gift doesn't have to be the most on-trend, material something-or-other – make it come from your heart. That might sound totally corny, but those make the best gifts, don't they? Coming up with the perfect present isn't about what she needs or what she wants – it's all about what she don't know she needs or want.

Forget everything she already has, the key to getting the perfect gift is to focus on what she's obsessed with:

1. For the friend who loves music: A record player
Record players make really cool gifts because they're such a blast from the past. Your friend likely hasn't heard the special sound a vinyl makes, so she'll cherish this gift forever. Plus, they make boxes with phone jacks so you can plug your digital tunes as well. 

Alternate music gift idea: Give your friend the experience of a good concert, recommended Bustle. Or maybe do both. Up to you to decide how special she is to you.

2. For the friend who has an unusually large celeb crush: A cardboard cut-out of said crush
Cardboard cut-outs are a hysterical gift for your friend. It says, "You're too obsessed," in a fun way. 

3. For the friend who loves candles: A homemade candle holder
If you've noticed your friend stopping in every candle section of home goods store, she probably already found the perfect fragrance. So you can give her the gift of decor, personalize a candle holder to help dress up her collection. 

4. For the friend that loves snapping pics: A Polaroid camera
Polaroid cameras are another unique retro gift to get your friend. Now they can catch your in embarrassing pictures that won't end up on social media. Unless she takes a picture of the Polaroid, in which case, at least you tried.

Disclaimer: Do not shake that like a Polaroid picture, said Weird Fact blog, it won't actually help develop the film. You can continue to shake it though, if you want. 

5. For the friend that loves food: A cooking class
You've seen your girl order a pizza so many times you're starting wonder if she actually knows how easy it is to make one on her own. Give her the opportunity to learn how, send her to a cooking class. 

6. For the friend that loves art: Paint Night
Take your friend for a night out at a paint class. These classes are being offered everywhere, so finding one won't be hard at all. To top the gift off, you can also get her an adult coloring book. Those fun yet complicated patterns will keep her busy for hours.

Alternate art gift idea: Bustle explained that an extra-special gift would be to get your friend a membership to a local art museum. "Go big or go home," as they say.

7. For the friend that loves her sign: Name a star after her
You can actually name a star after people. Websites will give you a map and a certificate with her name on it and everything, so you know it's legit. 

8. For the friend that loves coffee: Personalize a mug
This idea is inspired by Cosmopolitan Magazine – You can do anything you want to mugs these days. Consider getting pictures printed on – because you can do that. Try sharpie drawing on your own design – because you can do that too. Either way, let her know you know the addiction is real.