The Ultimate Gardening Supply Checklist

If you've got a yard, chances are you'll be spending a few of your upcoming weekends outside making sure it's in top shape. A little hard work put in during the spring season will ensure that you'll have a great-looking yard to hang out in throughout the summer and fall. If you're a new homeowner or just new to gardening in general, here's a list of the items you'll need for a successful gardening season.

__ Apron
Unless you're fine with getting your yard work clothes completely filthy, you may want to get yourself a handy apron. Not only does it protect your clothes from dirt and stains, but it has pockets that you can use to keep your tools close at hand. It's a matter of convenience for many gardeners.

__ Garden hose
If your house doesn't already have a decent garden hose, it's time to get one. This will help you easily water your garden, and you can attach a sprinkler to it to water the lawn. It's also handy to have for miscellaneous household chores that need to be done outside. Look for a sturdy one with enough length to reach your plants.

__ Gloves
There's nothing worse then getting hard-to-remove dirt underneath your fingernails. If you'd rather not spend tons of time scrubbing after your gardening sessions, pick up a decent pair of gloves. They should be breathable in case it's hot out, but thick enough to protect you from sharp thorns and stems and blisters from working with your tools. A special grip coating can come in handy, too.

__ Hat
Head protection is essential when you're outside working under the hot sun. It prevents your scalp and face from getting sunburned and can give you a bit of shade to stay cool. The type of hat you wear is up to you and your style preferences, but make sure it at least has a wide brim. A lightweight material is also recommended so you don't overheat.

__ Kneeling pad
Kneeling on the ground for a couple of hours can do a number on your knees. Avoid being uncomfortable by purchasing a kneeling pad. They come in all kinds of cute patterns and have features like handles for easy transport. If you're not keen on the idea of moving a pad around with you every time you move, buy yourself some kneepads and strap those on instead.

__ Plant labels
It's hard to tell which plants are which when they all look the same as seedlings. Take the guesswork out of your garden by labeling each variety of plant you add. You can buy fancy labels or look online for some attractive DIY options to give your garden the flair it deserves.

__ Plant mister
A plant mister is a handy attachment for your garden hose that makes sure your delicate plants aren't getting bombarded by a heavy stream of water. There are all kinds of models to choose from, some of which are decorative.

__ Pruning shears
The size of your pruning shears depends on the size of the plants you'll be pruning. Get yourself a large, sturdy pair if you plan to prune woody plants and shrubs. Otherwise, you can do just fine with a strong pair of household scissors for deadheading flowers.

__ Rake
Rakes make sure your garden isn't cluttered with debris that can stunt the growth of your plants. Buy a large one for clearing out the bigger areas, as well as a small hand rake for more detailed work.

__ Rolling cart
Dragging saplings, shrubs and tools around the yard can be exhausting. Save yourself some effort by getting yourself a rolling cart to hold all of your belongings. It'll make transporting your tools and plants easier and more convenient.

__ Shovel
A sturdy shovel is a must if you'll be setting up flower beds, planting trees or positioning shrubs. Look for one with a strong pointed end that will cut through stubborn dirt.

__ Sunscreen
Sun protection is key when you're spending time outside, no matter where you live. Slather on the SPF before you head out into the sun and reapply every couple of hours – and more if you're sweating a lot.

__ Trowel
A trowel comes in handy when you're working with small plants and don't want to make a big disturbance. Find a strong one that feels comfortable in your hand.

__ Watering can
Sometimes your garden hose can't reach everything, and when that's the case, a watering can comes in handy. Use it for container plants on your porch or along your driveway, or in areas of the yard that are spread out along the perimeter.

__ Weeder
A good weeder will ensure that your precious fruits, veggies and flowers aren't stifled by unwanted plant intruders. Find one that will do the job without much effort on your part.

__ Wheelbarrow
When you're lugging mulch and other heavy gardening materials around, a wheelbarrow is clutch. You'll really appreciate it when you don't have to drag a bag of soil around your yard.

Can you think of anything else that should be added to the list?