Spring Sports to Look Forward to This Spring

Tired of being cooped up indoors huddled around your spring scented candles trying to pretend the cold weather is over? Winter activities like skiing and snowboarding, even sledding, are fun, but after a couple runs all you can do is wish you didn't have to wear so many layers. Fortunately, the cold weather actually has subsided, spring is in the air again and there are plenty of outdoor sports that are calling your name. But if you aren't psyched about the traditional sports the season brings it's time to try something new. Lacrosse, softball and track are fun, but you've been there and done that.

If you want to try out some new and very unique activities this season, consider giving these spring sports a try:

Reclaim your youth and get the neighborhood together for a rousing game of kickball! Kickball leagues are available in most communities, but if not, it's worth a trip to the store to grab one of those regulation red balls and gather your friends for your own pick-up game. 

Not quite surfing, not quite canoeing – paddleboarding! Don't underestimate this activity – PopSugar explained that if you don't have your balance under control then you might end up falling in the water. And it's only the beginning of spring so that water is probably a little chilly. Paddleboarding is still a fun way to get exercise though, so if you are afraid of tumbling in you can kneel on the board instead. 

Rock climbing
If you need to get away from it all, then head to the hills, or the mountains rather. You can always head to indoor walls to help building up your climbing skills before you do the real deal, but since it's getting warm out, grab a buddy, your gear and learn together. Rock climbing is more challenging than you might think, but the view at the top is always worth it. 

Disc golf
Disc golf has been described by the official Professional Disc Golf Association as "traditional golf without clubs or balls." And the hole is actually a metal basket that you have to shoot your disc – aka Frisbee – into is above ground, not a hole in the fairway. But other than that it's just like golf. So if you like target games and tossing a disc around, then you have to give this a try. Who knows, if your accuracy gets good enough you could even join the Professional Disc Golf Association – the PDGA.

Discovery News said yes, this is a real sport with a real league – you just don't get to fly around, unfortunately. If you're crazy about the fictional wizarding world then this is the sport for you. League members take their sport very seriously however, so if you're joining be sure to put your game face on – otherwise you could end up on the wrong end of a Bludger. 

Rowing is a trickier sport than you might think, but racing in the spring is magical so it's worth looking into. If your area doesn't have a team you can join, you can always try skulling – aka the boat for one. Careful though – those singles are extremely tippy, so if you don't learn proper technique before you push off the dock you could tip right in. 

If you love running around and jumping over obstacles, you should consider parkour. This sport takes acrobatics to the streets – you'll become a real life ninja if you really stick to it, and that's pretty cool.