Photo Caption Contest: What would you do for a Diamond Candle?

Enter now and check back after the contest to see the social media director’s two picks!

Update: There were so many great entries that I couldn’t just pick two – so I chose an extra winner!

Here are the winning crazy hypothetical things that some of our fans would do for a Diamond Candle:

User shall16 said, “I would battle Chuck Norris and his army of wild pandas with a spoon for Diamond Candles!”

User rgosciak said, “I’d eat a jalapeno pepper to set my mouth on fire to see what it feels like to be a Diamond Candle.”

User dont_u_wish1016 said, “I’d give up playing Candy Crush Saga for a Diamond Candle!”

Congratulations, friends! We’ll have another photo caption contest in the near future. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy your candles at home for the 4th of July weekend!