Mood Boosting Playlist to Get You Through the Last Stretch of Winter

The wind is freezing, the snow is icy, the skies are grey and who even remembers what the sun looks like? Every year the winter season somehow manages to linger longer than it was invited to stay making you think spring will never come. But even on the darkest of days, don’t forget: Spring comes every year! But if you’ve found yourself standing over floral scented candles hoping you’ll remember what it was like to be warm without a coat, you’re probably asking yourself what can you do in the meantime.

How about trying a new playlist?
Music has an undeniable power to get us moving and shaking to the beat of a good song. Music is magic in that it genuinely has the ability to alter our mood – for the better in this case! Penn State University Science in Our World explained that rhythm and tone are what cause the change in our emotions as our heart tends to sync to the beats you’re listening to. This is why people listen to fast paced music when working out or sing soft lullabies to children trying to fall asleep.

Make them happy songs
When you’re crafting your playlist make sure you choose positive, upbeat music. Pick a mixture of nostalgic songs that you already know and love and new songs that you just can’t get enough of. So turn off that Sam Smith because even though his voice is absolutely haunting, he’s probably only making your winter blues worse. You need some music that’s going to act as your light to get you through the tunnel!

Here’s a taste of our playlist on Spotify that features these mood boosting jams plus other hits that’ll have you seeing daisies in no time:

  1. Love Myself – Hailee Steinfeld
    Surround yourself with feel good songs like this upbeat ballad about looking out for No. 1 – you.
  2. Wonder – Naughty Boy featuring Emeli Sandé
    This song will make you feel like you’re journeying through a forest of sunshine and playing with baby deer.
  3. Smoke Filled Room – Mako 
    This song sounds like the end of winter feels.
  4. Ray of Light – Madonna 
    It’s nearly impossible to have a bad day listening to this song – impossible.
  5. Steal My Girl – One Direction 
    The only direction you want to be headed in is towards warmer weather.
  6. Hello – Martin Solveig featuring Dragonette
    Spring just came to say, “Hello!”
  7. Roses – The Chainsmokers
    Add this song to your playlist and don’t look back.
  8. Runaway (U & I) – Galantis
    Try to sit still when this song comes on, you can’t.
  9. Sorry – Justin Bieber 
    Still a jam. Will always be a jam.
  10. Here Comes the Sun – the Beatles 
    Might be a little cliché, but this song is a classic for all generations.