June TweetUp Event

It’s back – by popular demand!

1. RSVP on Facebook here

2. Sign-up for the chance win a FREE candle (announced just prior to the TweetUp event – and we’ll have more fun giveaways for candles and coupons during the event!):

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Here’s how you to get ready for our event (keep in mind this is an exclusive event hosted only on Twitter/TweetChat if you’d like to join):

First: Sign Up For a Twitter Account

Go to and click the big button that says “Sign-up for Twitter”.

The sign-up process is brief: Name, user name, password, e-mail.

Pick a username you’ll be comfortable with as a nickname for yourself. It’s better to use your real name than something like makemoneyfast.

Send Your First Tweet

Log in with your new username and password.

Find the big box at the top of the screen that asks, “What are you doing?”

You can type anything you want here up to 140 characters, but a good first tweet is something that says hello to the world. Oprah Winfrey’s first successful tweet said “FEELING VERY 21st CENTURY”.

Here’s a tip: Don’t type in all capitals. ;)

So, once you get signed up for Twitter (if you don’t already have an account), head over to our TweetChat room: http://tweetchat.com/room/diamondcandles

You will be asked to sign-in using your Twitter account. You will also be asked to “authorize” the application on TweetChat. Be sure to authorize the application; it’s safe!

TweetChat is a great way to host Twitter chats when a lot of people are chatting on Twitter. Our special Diamond Candles room will automatically include #diamondcandles at the end of each of your “tweets”(messages) you send.

The fun thing about adding a “#” symbol to a word is that everyone can follow that conversation easily on Twitter. You’ll be able to connect with others while in the #diamondcandles TweetChat room. How much fun is that?

So, as long as you are in the Diamond Candles TweetChat room during our event, everyone who is there will be able to see what you say.

If you want to make your messages more personal put a @ symbol before the person’s user name.

For example: @diamondcandles I enjoy the Cuddle scented candle!

We look forward to having you, and don’t forget to enter the giveaway we’ll announce on Twitter at the beginning of our TweetUp Chat event!