How to Redecorate Without Spending a Dime

The idea of redecorating a room of your house might spark visions of a rapidly dwindling bank account balance. But it doesn’t have to be that way. There are ways to reinvigorate the design of a room without spending a single cent – you just have to be a little creative. Next time you think your bedroom could use an upgrade or you’re sick of walking into the same living room every afternoon, take some of these tips into account.

Repurpose existing items
Sometimes all you need to do is turn one of your belongings into something else. It can be as simple as designating a stool as a side table, according to Woman’s Day magazine. You can also turn an ottoman into a coffee table, an old ladder into a shelving unit or a kitchen bowl into a new vase. Not only will you be ensuring that every item in your home has a purpose, but this method can add quirkiness to your design.

Hang up some art
If you have a computer and a printer, hanging some cool photographs on your walls is super simple. BuzzFeed pointed to all of the free public-domain art that’s available online, like on public library sites or Wikimedia Commons. Use unused frames you have lying around or make your own out of washi tape, twigs from outside or sea shells from your beach vacations.

Rearrange your books
If you have a lot of books in your house, you have plenty of options for redecorating. One easy way is to create small side tables out of stacks of books. Or, simply put out a new stack of interesting coffee table books in the living room. You could even reorganize your bookshelves by arranging your literary selections by size or color, which will add a special touch to the design of the room.

Move the furniture
The setup of your room might be what’s making your space seem boring. Better Homes and Gardens magazine suggested moving your furniture items away from the walls and into groups to make the space seem larger and spark conversation among your guests. If you’ve already got that taken care of, try switching a few pieces around in a fresh new layout. Maybe that bench under your bedroom window would work better at the foot of your bed, for example.

Use recyclables as vases
Instead of throwing out those cool wine bottles or colorful beer bottles, save them to make unique vases for flower arrangements or containers for plants. BuzzFeed recommended using nail polish remover to take off the labels. Then, just group an assortment of bottles together and add clippings from your garden.

Bring your outdoor furniture inside
Many of your patio furniture pieces and accessories can be brought inside and rearranged to create a stylish indoor space, according to Woman’s Day. Use your wicker, wrought-iron or aluminum furniture to make a cozy cottage-, beach- or garden-themed design.

What ideas do you have for free redecorating projects?