How To Decorate for Winter After the Holidays

The holidays are over and your Christmas and New Year's decorations are packed up in their boxes all ready for next year. Looking around your house, you might feel a little disappointed in the lack of festiveness. After months of holiday scented candles, garlands, Christmas lights and ornaments, your space probably seems like it could use some flair. Don't worry! There are plenty of ways to decorate your home for winter even after the holidays are over. Use some of these ideas for inspiration.

Find pinecones and evergreens
Pinecones and evergreens are seasonal without screaming Christmas. Since they're still around in the winter, they make perfect decorations for your living spaces. Get creative by making your own decorations using evergreen branches and pinecones you gather yourself. Try placing a jar of pinecones on your coffee table or making them into a garland to drape over your mantel. Gather some evergreen branches together and tie them into a wreath to hang on the wall over your bed or on the front door. Stay away from red or green ribbons so you don't give the impression that you forgot to take your Christmas decorations down!

Focus on snow
You don't need to live in the northern parts of the country to appreciate the aesthetics of a snow-covered winter wonderland. Bring the white stuff inside your home with sparkly decorations that call those intricate frozen crystals to mind. Make yourself a shabby-chic wooden snowflake, put together your own mason jar snow globes or decorate your own vases with white spray paint and white or silver glitter so they look snow-crusted. Even swapping one of your regular pieces of wall art for a snowy landscape can do the trick. If you have kids, you may even want to help them make paper snowflakes to display around the house.

Make it cozy
You don't need to be super obvious when you're decorating for winter. Simply making your space cozier is enough to suggest that you're updating your decor to fit the season. Start by making sure you have plenty of woven and knit fabrics around. A sweater throw pillow, cable-knit blanket or fuzzy comforter is easy to incorporate into any design scheme. Cozy up the areas you like to hang out in with wintry scented candles for a touch of warm glow. The more comfortable and warmer you are in a space, the more festive you'll feel.

Go with silver, white and blue everything
Taking advantage of a cool color scheme is another easy, understated way to hint at winter. From your fabrics to your accessories, choose cool shades of blue, white and silver to make your space sparkle. Mix it up with different textures to keep the look exciting. For example, choose a shaggy white rug to pair with a sleek silver vase and a woven blue blanket.

Light it up
Don't pack up your Christmas lights just yet. Keep the white strands out and use them to add a soft glow to your decor. Drape them along the top of your bed's headboard, wrap them around a banister, weave them through a mantel display or run them along the edges of your ceiling. You can also pick up some smaller fairy lights for a more delicate look.

Add a quote
A framed wintry quote is an elegant way to pay homage to the season. Brush up on your calligraphy skills or enlist a talented friend to write out your favorite winter saying, then place it in a nice frame to display on your wall, mantel or side table. A little glitter or metallic paint never hurts either!