Fall Decorating Ideas to Spruce Up Your Space

You might not be ready to admit it, but fall is on its way. You may have a few days left of hot temperatures and sunshine, but pretty soon you'll be feeling colder breezes and wearing more clothing. You'll probably change out your spring and summer wardrobe in favor of your fall and winter one. While you're at it, why not take some time to switch up your decor, too? Thin bedclothes, fun accessories and bright colors are wonderful during the summer, but a more fall-inspired design can help keep you cozy when you're stuck inside once the weather turns. Here are some fall decorating ideas to get you started.

Fix up your fireplace
Your fireplace is a great area to start with when you're embarking on an autumnal redesign. First and foremost, make sure your fireplace is ready to host its fair share of flames this season. HGTV recommended having the chimney and fire box cleaned and inspected by a professional chimney sweep to ensure that lighting a fire will be safe. You may want to stock up on some seasoned wood and fire-starting materials as well. If you don't already have a sturdy grate, now's the time to get one.

When your fireplace is set, it's time to consider the mantelpiece. You have tons of fall-ready options, whether you want to give a nod to the season itself or hone in on a particular holiday, like Halloween or Thanksgiving. A good trick is to use odd numbers of accessories so your mantel setup doesn't look too symmetrical. Opt for three candlesticks on one side and two vases on the other, for example. Twigs, fall leaves, gourds and dried flowers are always good decor go-tos.

Hang a wreath (or two)
Wreaths are a must if you want to show everyone how excited you are to welcome in the new season. A couple of chic ones placed on your main entrances will ensure that they're seen whenever someone comes to visit. If you're looking for something seasonally appropriate without being over-the-top, burlap is a suitable material to take advantage of. You can wrap a wreath form with the fabric and use the scraps to create flowers to glue on top. Or, spend some time outdoors finding long, woody vines that you can wrap into a circle and tie together. Websites like Pinterest can help you come up with other fun wreath DIY projects.

Update your tablescape
Whether it's the table you eat at every night or the table you reserve strictly for guests, there's no denying the appeal of a well-decorated tablescape. Swap your summer placemats and napkins for autumnal options in rich shades of orange, yellow, red or brown. Choose a tablerunner that incorporates the same colors and maybe a fall-inspired pattern. Seasonal flowers, vegetables and other natural materials can help elevate the look.

Cozy up your bedding
Warmer bedding is one of the best parts of redecorating for colder weather. Throw those cotton sheets into the wash in favor of flannel, and switch out your comforter for a down duvet. A few extra pillows are a great option if you're one to curl up in bed with a good book (or even Netflix) when the weather's less than ideal. A fuzzy throw blanket is another good add-on that you'll really appreciate having on cold nights.

Organize your entryway
Fall is a good time to make sure your entryway is up to snuff. You might have kids trekking in with a bunch of dirty sports equipment, or you may walk in after a rainstorm with wet boots and a dropping umbrella. Make sure your entrance is equipped with an absorbent rug to catch the wetness and debris, then provide plenty of storage space for shoes and seasonal accessories like scarves, boots and hats. A sturdy bench or chair is also smart, since you may need a space to sit while you put your gear on.

Add warmth to your living room
Just like the bedroom, you'll need lots of cozy touches in your living room to make it a comfortable spot to spend time in indoors during inclement weather. Throw pillows in comfortable fabrics are a must, and they're pretty easy to make yourself. You can find all kinds of tutorials online that will help you make a snuggly pillow out of an old knit sweater and your existing summer throws. A warm blanket to toss casually over the back of the couch is another must-have. You may also want to outfit your coffee table with fall-themed books, like collections of foliage photographs. Scented candles can also add delicious fall scents to the air and give the room a welcoming glow.