Eco-Friendly Living

Living an eco-friendly lifestyle does not have to be difficult or costly. Some associate eco-friendly living as an extreme lifestyle, but this is not have to be the case.

A few easy adjustments to one’s lifestyle can make a difference in the long run. These changes can also be fun and helpful to your bottom line as well!

Listed below are a few suggestions that can demonstrate a positive impact on our environment as a whole:

  • Buy USDA Certified Organic products. This means that these products were grown using sustainable standards.
  • Use your own coffee mug when you visit your local coffee shop. Often times you will receive discounts. Plus, you save cups and money in the long-run.
  • Buy local products when available. Support the local economy.
  • Using cold water when washing clothes can save up to 80% of energy used.
  • Use both sides of the paper when making copies. This will also save paper and a little bit of money. Plus, your manager will be happy to see costs slashed!
  • Turn your computer on sleep mode when you are away for over 20 minutes.
  • Have you noticed how some grocery stores will charge you for bags? BYOB (Bring Your Own Bag)! Whole Foods sometimes gives you back 10 cents for not using a bag at all.
  • Driving 70 mph or above costs $.50 more per gallon…Slow down!
  • Check your tire pressure monthly.
  • Replace your car filters regularly. A new oxygen sensor can increase mileage by 15%.

Share with us some green living tips you’ve adapted to your lifestyle that can save Diamond Candles fans a few dollars and help the environment in the process in the comments section below.