DIY Travel Toiletry Wrap

Step-by-step tutorial to make a toiletry travel carrier from a washcloth.

This project is a beautifully simple idea for toiletries on the go. You get a toiletry bag and towel in one! It’s perfect for kids to bring on sleepovers, for campers of any age, or to stash in your car or work for emergencies. Not only is this wrap super useful, the materials for one cost less than a dollar. The sewing is really fast and easy, which also make this a perfect project for beginning sewers.

02.Materials IMG_7029Materials:

  • Washcloth (12 in x 12 in)
  • Ribbon (⅝ in, 24 in long)
  • Thread
  • Sewing machine
  1. Fold up one edge of the washcloth about 3.5 in. and pin in place. 03.FoldPin IMG_7035
  2. Sew the left and right edges forming a pocket. 04.SewSides IMG_7038
  3. Pin and sew the middle of the pocket to divide it in half. 05.SewMiddle IMG_7043
  4. Pin and sew about half way between the 2 sewn edges making a total of 4 pockets. 07.SewDividers
  5. Turn the washcloth over. Fold ribbon in half and pin to the center of the left side of the washcloth. Sew into place. 09.SewRibbon

Voila! Now you have a fun wrap for to-go toiletries! Try out different colors and patterns to personalize yours and have fun with it. 10.FinishedEmpty IMG_7070 11.Fin Beauty IMG_7121