Make Your Own Hanging Air Plant Terrarium

Step-by-step DIY to make your own hanging mason jar terrariums.

Who doesn’t love a terrarium? And these adorable hanging mason jars put a new twist on a classic.

Instead of using traditional plants that require soil, these feature air plants. 03.PlantSample IMG_6011

Air plants (Tillandsia) are incredible little things. They come in many varieties, each with their own distinct looks. Air plants absorb all of their nutrients and water through their leaves, so they survive without roots…or dirt. They are incredibly hardy and easy to care for making them perfect for any plant lover. They like bright, indirect light. To water, just give them a heavy mist every few days or once a week remove them from their jar and soak them in water for an hour (allow to fully dry before putting back into terrarium). 02.Materials IMG_5999

  • Air plants (available online or from a local nursery: $2-5 per plant)
  • 3 Mason jars
  • About 12 ft jute twine or string
  • Small river rocks
  • Moss
  • 3 Nails or hooks to hang


  1. Measure about 5 inches of twine, then wrap twine around under the lip of the mason jar 3 times. Measure another 5 inches of twine and cut. 04.Wrap IMG_6032
  2. Tie off with a double knot as close to the jar as you can. 05.Knot IMG_6036
  3. Add larger stones to the jar carefully. 06.BigRocks IMG_6042
  4. Add smaller stones. 07.SmRocksIMG_6050
  5. Add a small amount of moss. 08.Moss IMG_6054
  6. Arrange your air plant(s) in the jar. 09.AddPlantIMG_6057
  7. Tie off the ends of the twine in a double knot about 3 inches from the jar. 11.Knot2 IMG_6085
  8. Trim excess ends. 12.Cut IMG_6087
  9. Hang and enjoy! 13.BeautyHoriz IMG_6128