DIY Gold Dipped Jewelry Dishes under $15

Step-by-step tutorial for easy modern jewelry trays, bowls and cups.

These simple, chic dishes are perfect for organizing your favorite accessories or other small items.

They make the perfect place to drop jewelry at the end of a long night, or to lay out pieces for the next morning when planning an outfit. You can even use them to get out of an ‘old familiar’ rut of wearing the same things over and over. Every week or 2, put a few loved but forgotten pieces into one of these dishes so that they are top of mind and get into the fashion rotation more often.

Get that clutter out of the way and let your favorite little gems shine.



  • Small bowl or plate
    • (I picked up some of these at Home Goods, others from thrift stores)
  • Painter’s tape
  • Gold spray paint
  • Clear sealant spray paint
    • (Most modern spray paints will adhere to glass or ceramic, but since the surface isn’t porous, it can chip off easily. I always seal the color for more durability)


  1. I liked the shape of some ceramic dishes, but wasn’t loving the patterns. So I gave them a coat of white spray paint first. You can skip this step of your piece is already all white or clear. 03.GoldDip.WhitePrep 03B.GoldDip.WhiteSpray
  2. Tape off the line you want to paint. There is no wrong way to place it. Just be sure your tape sticks to any curves and indents in the piece.
    04.GoldDip.Taping Sequence 04B.GoldDip.TapingAll
  3. Spray them gold.
    05.GoldDip.Spray Gold
    Tip: For small projects like this, put the pieces inside of a box to keep the paint from blowing onto unintended surfaces. I also fold the flaps closed to keep dust or leaves from falling into the wet paint since I spray outside. 05B.GoldDip.Rock
  4. Allow paint to dry before handling. Flip over piece to paint back side.
    Tip – Have patience. Waiting for paint to dry is as frustrating as…well…watching paint dry. One of my pieces from this project got scuffed when I got too eager, so learn from my mistake.
  1. Spray clear coat to seal. Allow to dry and repeat on reverse side.
  1. Remove tape to reveal your glam-tastic new jewelry dish.

Now just set those beauties on your nightstand, sink or vanity and start putting them to good use.