DIY Frosted Tumblers

Create your own custom frosted drinking glasses

Freshen up your drinkware with your own custom frosted tumblers. Despite what the weather says, Spring is here and that means cookout season isn’t far behind. Before all the guests make their way over for your world famous lemonade, this is an excellent time to add some personality to your latest yard sale find. With about $20 in materials and 45 minutes of working time, you can literally have people drinking from your masterpiece. Here’s how to get to it.

Frosted Glasses 1

Materials Needed

  1. Drinking glasses
  2. Frosted glass spray paint
  3. Matte clear coat spray
  4. Rubbing alcohol
  5. Painters tape
  6. Newspaper
  7. Lint free towel

Frosted Glasses 2

Step 1

For this project we’re going for a tear shape, and that begins by applying the painters tape at an angle. Make sure that the lower edge of the tape is tight all the way along the glass. The lower edge of the tape is where the paint will cutoff, so take your time and make sure there aren’t any kinks or it will show in the paint.

Frosted Glasses 3

Step 2

Create your curve. Carefully wrap the painters tape around the glass and when you’re halfway around, gently begin curving the tape back up to the starting point. Work the lower edge of the tape smooth while you’re applying it. The upper portion of the tape will crumple because you’re bending it, but don’t fret. The only border that matters is the one that meets the paint.

Frosted Glasses 4

Step 3

Meet the ends together. Pay attention to the angle that it forms and don’t be afraid to peel the tape back off to get it right. Just be sure that the edge where the paint cuts off is nice and smooth.

Frosted Glasses 5

Step 4

Burnish the edge of the tape so it’s nice and tight on the glass and no paint will leak through. After your edges are set, tear up some newspaper and stuff it inside the glass to protect it from paint. Fold one end over the lip to add another layer of protection against any errant paint spray and help keep it in place.

Frosted Glasses 6

Step 5

Prep your surface by cleaning the exposed glass with rubbing alcohol. This will get rid of any dust and grease that threatens to get in your way of long lasting perfection.

Frosted Glasses 7

Step 6

Follow the mixing instructions for your paint and make sure it’s shaken up well. Keep the can about 8″-12″ away and start with a very light first coat, then add multiple light coats about one minute apart. For frosted paint, the more coats you add the less translucent it becomes, so be sure to keep it light. You can even create a gradient by adding more coats to the side you want to be darker. When you’re done with the frosted color layer, follow up with some light coats of matte clear coat to protect your finish. Remove the painters tape immediately after your done spraying and while the paint’s still wet. This will prevent the paint from pulling and ensure a clean edge. Set the freshly painted tumblers aside until the paint fully cures.

Tip: For a smooth spray finish, start and end your spray away from the glass. This will prevent any hot spots in the spray while you’re laying down that sweet finish. 

Frosted Glasses 8

Step 7

Google your world famous lemonade recipe, call the party over, and break out your custom frosted tumblers! Let them sip at your brilliance while marveling about your craftiness. Contemplate reality show.