Creative Storage Ideas for the Bathroom

There are a lot of products that get stored in the bathroom, from toiletries to makeup, cleaning supplies, linens, medicine and more. The worst part is that bathrooms aren't usually very big, so every homeowner or apartment renter has the task of successfully storing all of these items in such a small space. Luckily there are plenty of ways to maximize storage without losing the appeal of your bathroom's design. Try some of these creative storage ideas to organize your space.

Repurpose a spice rack
Whether you're shopping online or browsing your local thrift shop, you're bound to find tons of cool spice racks. Some hang on the wall while others sit on your counter, but either way they're a great place to display things like perfume bottles and toiletries. A spinning spice rack on the counter is a convenient way to find everything you need each morning when you're getting ready for school or work. Display the most attractive bottles you have, or transfer your products into prettier containers. You can even use these inside your vanity for easy access to all of your products.

Use kitchen utensil trays
Hate opening your bathroom drawers to find a jumble of stuff? Kitchen utensil trays are perfect for bathroom essentials like toothpaste, eyeliners, lotions, combs, hair elastics and more. Find ones that match the decor of your bathroom or do a little DIY project to make plain ones more exciting.

Stash your hair tools
There's nothing worse than fighting a tangle of cords while you're doing your hair. Blow dryers, curlers and straighteners are bulky, but there are a few good ways to keep them within reach without getting in the way. Try corralling them in a decorative magazine holder, for example, or use stick-on hooks to hang them on your vanity. Place them inside the door or on a side that's out of view.

Magnetize your makeup
Looking for a better way to store your makeup collection? A magnetized makeup board will make sure that everything's organized and you'll always know where to find that lipstick or eyeshadow palette. Plus, it can look great! Just cover a whiteboard with pretty paper or fabric, then buy some magnets to hot glue on the back of your makeup. It'll look even better if you surround it with a decorative frame.

Move it to the wall
Floor space is probably hard to come by in your bathroom, and you don't want things like a basket of towels or extra rolls of toilet paper to get in the way of your shower. Why not mount these items on the wall instead? You can easily attach boxes, baskets or even buckets and jars to your wall and place the essentials inside. This makes a cool focal point for the wall and ensures that you're taking advantage of every square inch you have.

Hang it on the door
A hanging shoe rack or travel jewelry organizer is a great way to store things like makeup, hair products or extra toiletries. Buy a decorative one to hang on the back of your door, or choose a more utilitarian one to grace the inside of your closet door. You'll have plenty of space to stash things in those many pockets.

Put it on a tray
Trays are becoming a popular way to transform a random assortment of objects into a chic collection. Find a tray that matches your bathroom aesthetic, or decorate one yourself. Place it on the counter, the back of the toilet or on a table near the tub. Add containers of things like cotton swabs, cotton balls, soaps or lotions. It couldn't be easier!

How do you get creative with your storage in the bathroom?