7 Unique Food Mash-Ups That’ll Make You Drool

When you were a kid, did you ever try mashing some of your favorite foods together to make the ultimate cooking concoction? Come on, who didn't try putting sprinkles on their pizza at least once? Or twice. 

But that's child's play. Or is it? These days there are – adult – food geniuses who are making some seriously mind-blowing mash-ups of your favorite foods. Ready to overwhelm your taste buds?

Put some plastic wrap over you keyboard and grab a bib – mouthwatering deliciousness is coming:

1. Sushi burger
Sushi's already been made into a burrito, but the food gods did one better – if that's even possible. This time, they created the sushi burger – all hail. BuzzFeed shared that this rice patty tuna burger has been sweeping social media by storm. Everyone has to document that they tried this amazing burger craze.

2. Macaron donut
It's hip, it's cool, it's now – it's the macaron donut. Mashable reported that this groundbreaking marriage was thought up by the great pastry chef Francois Payard. This combo is fresh out of the oven too. Payard invented this tasty treat for March 20th, aka Macaron Day. You aren't too behind on the trend, so you can still get it while it's hot.

3. Mac and cheese pancakes
Mac and cheese pancakes – it's OK if you need to take a minute after this one. Who knew that you could have mac and cheese for every meal? Spoon University shed light on this unconventional yet, delectable meal. But it gets better – you can top these bad boys off with maple syrup. Don't question it – somehow it just works.

4. Spaghetti bread
You won't be slurping up spaghetti over romantic candlelight with this mash-up. BuzzFeed shared this carbs combo of spaghetti filled bread that will make the Italian-loving part of your heart sing. OK – go ahead and light that candle anyway. 

5. Salad featuring pizza croutons
The Cooking Channel wanted to mix in a healthy element, so they shared their salad option. With a yummy pizza crouton topping. Merge your salad with doughy pizza bites and you've entered a whole new world.

6. The crepe cone
For all of you that have been trying to take your crepes on the go there is finally a solution. Introducing the crepe cone. Just like an ice cream cone, but replaced with a light, fluffy crepe instead, reported Reader's Digest. Load your favorite dessert up with your favorite ice cream or frozen yogurt, and all the fixings of your favorite crepe style.

7. Mac and cheese meatloaf bacon balls
OK, turns out you can put mac and cheese in almost anything – but who's complaining? Brought to you by Instructables DIY blog, this recipe brings together some of this world's greatest comfort foods, mac and cheese, meatloaf and bacon. Could you ask for much more?