5 Time-Saving Tips for Your Beauty Routine

When sleep is important – and let’s be clear here, sleep is always important – you’ll need to pick up a couple of beauty tricks for getting ready quickly in the morning. This way you won’t have to sacrifice any beauty sleep, which is an essential part to every cosmetics regimen.

Check out these five quick beauty hacks that will start your morning off on the right side of the bed:

1. Use your straightener as an iron for wrinkled clothes 
Who has time to wait for an iron to get hot, let alone to set up and break down an ironing board? Even if you do, who wants the hassle? Hair straighteners heat up much faster, and if you’re already doing your hair you may as well knock out two birds with one very hot stone.

2. Prep before bedtime
There’s a ton you can do for the next day before you go to sleep every night. Pick out your outfit, moisturize your face and even put on your antiperspirant before you tuck yourself in. This a major time saver and mess saver, since you won’t have to pick through your whole wardrobe in the morning.

3. Don’t fuss with your hair
It doesn’t take hours and a smog of hairspray to get a good look. Messy buns are in style and easy. Simply put your hair in a ponytail, pull a notch out of the tail to your desired bun size and wrap the rest of the hair around the base of the ponytail holder. Secure and head out the door. But if an up-do isn’t working for you, just sprinkle on some dry shampoo and throw a hat on – cute and chic.

4. Plan a spa night
Bustle magazine suggested you plan a spa night. This is a night to take care all the little beauty blunders that might cost you a couple of minutes in your morning routine. Do this on the Sunday before a long week to really unwind. Light some ambient candles, play some soothing music and put a cucumber slice in your water to really play up the spa vibe. Take some time to trim all the hairs – get rid of those dead ends, shave away the prickle and pluck your eyebrows so you don’t have to worry about strays popping up throughout the week.

5. Make makeup easy
Invest in multitasking products like eyeliner pencil so you can do your lashes, lids and brows all at the same time, recommended Pop Sugar magazine. You can also try a two-in-one stain for your cheeks and lips. And good news, the source also provided a solution to your most annoying part of your routine: eyeliner styles. No more wasted time over trying to get the perfect cat eye shape on each eye. Make a stencil! Now you can’t color outside the lines and you won’t have to worry about your eyes not matching. Use a small piece of paper, like an index card, to cut out your desired line shape.