5 Subtle, Chic Ways to Decorate for the Holidays

Let’s face it: Sometimes holiday decorations aren’t the most fashionable additions to your home’s decor. Lit-up candy canes, blow-up Santas, reindeer and sparkly lights can only go so far. That’s not to mention the fact that your house will probably blend in with the rest of the homes on your block. But this year, you don’t have to settle for the same ho-hum decorations that all your neighbors are going with. Instead, try some of these five holiday decorations that are festive without being trite.

1. Holiday terrariums
Skip the snow globe collection and make your own chic set of holiday terrariums using items you can easily find at a craft or dollar store. Midwest Living magazine had the great idea of using apothecary jars to make your own tiny snow scenes. Some metallic spray paint, holiday figurines, fake trees, ribbons and Epsom salt “snow” can make beautiful decorations for the mantel or table centerpiece.

2. Unique color scheme
You might feel confined to decorating with red and green this holiday season, but there’s no reason why you have to stick to those colors. Pick a new color scheme for all of your decorations. As long as you stay within a certain range of hues, you’ll be able to create a festive atmosphere. For example, choose a classy black, silver and gold setup for sophisticated design that will fit right in with the rest of your home’s decorative accents. Or, go with a clean, vibrant white to make your own winter wonderland. You can even go with colors like purple, blue or pink if you’re feeling really creative!

3. Pinecone wreath
There’s nothing that screams Christmas about pinecones, yet hanging up a pinecone wreath still conveys a sense of winter cheer. Pick up a wreath ring at your local craft store, then gather pinecones to fill it. Spray paint them white, gold and silver, then hot glue them to the ring. Finish it off with a metallic ribbon for a simple way to brighten up your entryway.

4. Stars
Something about the cold, pointy, shimmery look of stars evokes the winter season and hints at the holidays without being too obvious. Luckily, you can incorporate this shape into your decor in a variety of ways, which Martha Stewart Living magazine demonstrates.

5. Holiday scents
A festive atmosphere isn’t just about what you can see. Scents can also factor into your holiday decorations – without having to match your living room. Pick out some holiday scented candles, bake Christmas cookies right before having guests over, simmer a pot of water and cinnamon sticks on the stove or bring in a live Christmas tree. You’ll be able to add to the ambiance in any room without having to worry about hanging anything up.