$5 Shipping Anywhere in the US

We are so excited to announce our new shipping prices and options that we have available to you so y0u can spend your more of your money on candles and not the shipping to get them to you.

Here are your new lower prices!

Diamond Candles Shipping Prices

With these new options we will be able to provide you with no more confusing shipping that is calculated based upon where you live exactly. It is just $5 to ship a candle anywhere in the US. That keeps buying a Diamond Candle at under $30 at $29.95!

With this change we are no shipping from a different facility than where we make the candles at here at our headquarters in Durham, NC. This more central location in the middle of the country is how we are able to provide better pricing and a consistent shipping experience if you live in NY, FL, or on the West Coast in CA.

The two sacrifices we had to make in order to have these shipping rates was to let go of our international (see update here) and APO shipping (see update here). We had a steady stream of customers from Canada and APO addresses since we started but the shipping prices were always not very good, especially for international and we were never pleased with it. We certainly want to in the future expand internationally more intentionally in the future but do it in a way to where high shipping prices are not an obstacle.

We have posted all the specific details here of how we will now be shipping and how expedited shipping options work for your reference.

What do you think? Have these been the shipping prices you have been waiting for? Give us your thoughts in the comments below and then go celebrate by purchasing the new Fall Sample Pack for only $15 shipping!