5 Reasons Cheese Should Be the Theme of Your Next Party

Cheese is loved by everyone. Think about it, would photographers yell, "Say cheese!" before they take your picture if it didn't guarantee a smile from you? If you're looking for your next great party idea, why not go with a Cut Your Own Cheese theme? A CYOC party is exactly what you and your friends need to cut loose this weekend. Get that ambiance right though – baguettes, checkered tablecloths and soft candles are a must. 

You probably don't need much convincing as cheese is a universal love, but just in case, here's five reasons why your next party should be CYOC themed:

1. It's a staple in a French diet
The French have been dining on wine, bread and cheese for centuries, and they've managed to remain thin all these years. What's their secret if cheese is supposed to make you feel bloated and fat? According to Danish scientists' investigative cheese research, there's this thing called the "French Paradox," which is the reason cheese can be a staple in their diet, said PBS NOVA. They found that those who consumed milk and cheese had higher levels of short-chain fatty acids which act as anti-inflammatory agents. Scientists concluded that the cheese being eaten by the subjects was actually affecting their gut bacteria in a beneficial way.

2. It's a treat at any time of day
You can literally eat cheese for any and every meal of the day. Cheese goes in your omelet at breakfast, your burritos at lunch and chicken parmesan at dinner. Don't forget that you can also have cheese wheels as a snack, and cheesecake for dessert. That being said, you can use different varieties of cheeses to make even the most bland foods taste amazing – bleu cheese saves salads everywhere. The opportunities to satisfy your cravings with cheese are gooey and endless.

3. There are so many flavors
There's a flavor of cheese for literally everyone – 650 varieties to be exact, reported Good HouseKeeping magazine. Sharp, soft, smoked, aged, young, curd, cheddar, feta, mozzarella – the list goes on. If you haven't found your favorite cheese yet, don't give up. But if you do think you've found your favorite cheese already, there's no reason why you should stop trying new varieties.

4. Cheese saves lives
Good House Keeping reported that Milwaukee has used cheese brine as a way to keep ice off the road. Cheese is a hero.

5. It's a tradition
And finally, cheese is a mouth watering treat that has been around for more than 10,000 years. Good Housekeeping reported that the ancient Greeks believed cheese was founded by the god Aristaeus, however it was the Romans who eventually perfected the cheese-making process.

Now, go forth and celebrate!