4 Ways to Make Your Shower More Spa-worthy

There's nothing like taking a hot shower at the end of a long, busy day. You get to relax as the scent of your favorite body wash fills the bathroom and the suds are swept down the drain, along with your stress. A morning shower can be great, too – a fresh way to start your day energized. You're a busy woman, though, and sometimes you only have time to jump in and out of the shower. Don't settle for a sad scrub, though – there are some easy ways to transform your shower into a more spa-worthy experience.

Try these tips to turn those arghs into ahhhs

1. Set the scene with the perfect scents
The perfect spa-worthy shower begins with the right scents. Light a few candles in your bathroom in to create the perfect mood. If you're taking an evening shower and want to feel relaxed and unwind, choose vanilla-, lavender- or cedar-scented candles. If you need an extra dose of focus for a job interview, try energizing scents like lemon, jasmine and peppermint. Have a big exam? Try rosemary, which helps improve long-term memory, according to Psychology Today. Hot date? Patchouli, sandalwood and orange scents will have you ready to flirt.

2. Use a dry brush
Dry brushing is an ancient practice renowned for its ability to stimulate circulation and flush out toxins from the body. It exfoliates dead skin cells and helps kickstart the creation of new ones, according to Mind Body Green, giving you a brighter glow. Dry brushing is perfect to do right before you shower. You can find a dry brush at health food stores – look for one made out of all-natural wood. Starting at your ankles, brush up toward your legs, first in circular motions and then in smooth upward strokes, recommended the site, and then make your way up your body. It's important to always brush in the direction that blood flows to your heart, for the best circulation boost, so that means brushing down your arms and down from your neck to your lower back. Be gentle, and be careful around sensitive areas like your chest. You'll feel all warm and tingling, like you just got a massage! Then, jump in the shower to rinse off the dead skin cells. You can also use a body oil with the brush for an even more indulgent pre-shower ritual.

3. Give yourself a head massage
If you just jump in the shower, slather on some shampoo and conditioner and let them sit for 10 seconds before rinsing, you're doing your hair a great disservice. Slowing down your hair-washing process can help you have healthier hair – and will make for a more relaxing spa experience for you. When you work shampoo through your hair, take the time to massage your roots with your fingertips for one minute. Then, rinse out and follow up with conditioner on the ends, letting it sit for a few minutes before rinsing out. This will give more time for the nutritive properties of the product to work in your hair.

4. Use a face mask
Maybe you already wash your face in the shower, but why not treat yourself to a luxurious face mask instead? There are so many easy face masks that you can make right in your kitchen. Marie Claire has a great list here, which includes some effective – and delicious – masks like one made with banana, orange juice and honey. Clay and mud masks are also great options. Just apply the mask at the beginning of the shower and rinse it off at the end – you'll reveal hydrated, glowing skin that will make it look like you came fresh from the spa.