15 Practical Ways to Get a Workout In

Sometimes, working out can seem like a major chore on your list of things to do for the day. Sticking to a fitness routine should never feel like a burden, it should be a positive lifestyle choice. Unfortunately, late nights at the office or taking the kids to practice immediately after work can take away from any free time you have – leaving little to no time for a workout. Fortunately, there are simple ways to get physical in the comfort of your own home, and it won't even seem like you're doing anything! Well, at least not until you feel the burn afterward.

Here are 15 practical ways you can implement exercise moves into your everyday routine.

1. Walk and talk – When you're having your usual after dinner phone conversation with your mom or another relative, Better Homes and Gardens magazine suggested getting up and walking around. You'll burn more calories moving than you would if you stayed sitting.

2. Clean your place – Wash the windows, scrub the tub and mop the dirty floors in your home. Work up some elbow grease, burn those calories and watch your place sparkle.

3. Climb the stairs – If you live in a multi-level home, climb the stairs to burn some calories. Intensify the stair climbing by increasing your speed and pace, just like you did when you ran bleachers in your high school gym class.

4. Lift and watch – Make good use of sitting on the couch by lifting free weights while you watch TV. This is an excellent way to incorporate more strength training into your day. You'll be distracted by your favorite Netflix series, so the time will fly by.

5. Speed walk and run errands – Multitasking is always great for a busy person who can't find enough time in the day. Health magazine suggested picking up your lunch and walking around on your break instead of sitting at your desk. It's a fun way to energize yourself and break up the work day.

6. Meet for active hour – Instead of heading to the bar with friends after work for happy hour, try going to the park to get active. Bring Frisbees or play catch for an hour – it's an awesome way to get active, save money and avoid the high-calorie cocktails.

7. Get flexing – If you've ever had to wait in a long line at the grocery store, bank or post office, don't worry – you're not alone. Instead of standing around doing nothing, flex your abs! Flex for 10 seconds 10 times. Not only does this help pass the time, but it's a great way to fit a core workout into your busy day without anyone knowing.

8. Take the long route – Incorporating more walking into your daily routine is easier than you think. When you get to the office in the morning, park further away from the building. When you enter the office, take the stairs instead of the elevator. All of those extra steps you're taking will add up.

9. Carry your groceries – Most grocery stores offer reusable bags instead of paper and plastic. Instead of carting around your groceries, place them in the recyclable bag. Carrying the bag the entire time you're in the grocery store is a great strengthening exercise.

10. Wait and crunch – Have you ever sat around in the bathroom waiting for your shower to reach the perfect temperature before you get in? No need to sit and wait – crunch and wait! Get on the ground and make yourself do 50 crunches or pushups before getting in the shower. It's the perfect way to energize yourself for the day.

11. Squat and brush – Instead of standing around in the bathroom, checking yourself out in the mirror while you brush your teeth, Seventeen magazine suggested doing some wall squats. Stand against the wall, bend your knees and brush for about two minutes. This is an awesome way to tone your butt and legs while you get fresh for the day.

12. Commercial workout – Sometimes, the commercials that interrupt your favorite show can seem never ending. Instead of sitting around waiting for them to end, get physical. See how many pushups, sit-ups, jumping jacks or squats you can do before the show comes back.

13. Go dancing – It's Friday night and your friends want to go out dancing, but your mind is telling you it's time to head to the gym. No need to waste a precious weekend starter in the fitness center, go dance your butt off! Dancing is an excellent way to burn calories and tone your legs and butt – it'll make you feel like you never skipped the gym.

14. Carry a heavy bag – Whether you're headed to work or school, loading up your bag is an easy way to sneak in a little workout. Increase the weight in your bag to strengthen your arms while you walk – it's a great calorie-burner.

15. Ride a bike – Do you live close to work or school? If the answer is yes, you should try riding your bike there. Biking is a great way to increase your heart rate, rev your metabolism and burn some calories.