10 Ways You Know You’re Obsessed With Home Decor

You're young, sassy and stylish – an impeccable eye for interior design just comes with the territory. Obsession might sound crazy, but you're proud of your ability to tie a room together with a well-designed gallery wall. 

Do some of these characteristics sound like you? If you're still not sure, here's 10 tell-tale signs that point out your obsession with home decor:

1. You don't walk, you mall-walk to the home decor section
Mall-walking: When people walk at an abnormally fast pace around the mall, as if it is there indoor track. You just need to see what's new, OK?

2. You've then touched every item on the shelf in that section
"Oh, I need this," you mutter to yourself as you grab jar after succulent after throw pillow. 

3. Forget Pinterest, you've created your own home decor Instagram account
And every time you follow a new account, you're led to another account to stalk. And another. And so on.

4. Your candle collection is enormous and only getting bigger
You're goal is to get every scent for every occasion and emotion. You'd be close to completing it, but you keep burning through them. Literally. 

5. You've bought decorative items that you don't need, nor even make sense for you to own
Who needs a cat to have a super chic cat bed? Not you! But it's going to look great in your foyer. 

6. You have to scroll through your bookmarked DIY ideas
"That's a lot of DIY ideas bookmarked," your friends remark. "Yes it is," you respond in a trance, scrolling through your list without missing a beat.

7. When you talk about designers you mean interior, not fashion
Nate Berkus, you've done it again you genius. 

8. You actually enjoy cleaning
There's no point in home decor if it doesn't look perfect at all times. 

9. You're the go-to for interior design questions in your squad
You've developed a keen eye, no use in denying it.

10. Your friends constantly send you posts about decorating tips, "This is so you"
As if you hadn't already seen those tips.