10 Ways to Become More Green

You may have heard that it isn't easy being green. But that simply couldn't be further from the truth! Everyone thinks that because they're each "just one person," they can't make a big impact. Reality is, it just takes one person to make a difference. Don't worry, you don't have to live like a pioneer by candlelight and fire. Being green is easy and you can do it without turning your daily routine upside down.

Check out these ten unique ways you can go green without even thinking about it:

1. Use a reusable water bottle
Unless you live in a smaller community that mainly uses well water for hydration, get a reusable water bottle. Otherwise, you're paying for something that's literally free. 50 Ways to Help the Planet reported that 90 percent of plastic water bottles don't get recycled and instead are thrown in landfills, where they take thousands of years to decompose. Reusable water bottles are so much prettier than plastic water bottles anyway, so pick one up ASAP. 

2. Lights off, electronics off
Before you go to bed, make sure you turn off the lights and properly power down all your electronics. 50 Ways to Help the Planet explained that you'll save 40 watts-hours per day, which equals $14 a year. Might not seem like a lot to you, but that's a pretty big pay day for old Mother Nature. Plus you can set a nice ambiance with some scented candles if you still need some light – just be sure to blow them out before you fall asleep. 

3. Use tube-less toilet paper
Getting tube-less toilet paper doesn't require much change. You've most likely seen Scott Brand's commercial about how the U.S. tosses enough tubes to fill the Empire State Building twice every year. Have you ever been to the Empire State Building? That's a lot. Switch to tubeless toilet paper to help reduce that unnecessary waste. It doesn't take much effort at all. 

Bring your own bags. When you go grocery shopping, you don't have to go with paper or plastic, because you have cloth. And with your bag, you don't have to worry about the bag splitting open and losing your grocery load!

5. Ride share
 If you already participate in the ride sharing trend, good for you! You're already on the right track. Ride sharing apps are becoming incredibly popular and are so easy to use. You won't have to worry about parking or tickets or gas, and at the same time, that's one less car on the road creating traffic and polluting the environment.

6. Don't rinse your dishes
Done. One less clean up step is totally doable, thanks for the tip Good House Keeping magazine. Turns out, you're actually wasting water by rinsing dishes by hand. Just make sure you run a full dishwasher and you're good to go. 

7. Turn the water off 
Saving water is the golden rule on this list. Think about all the times you have water running when you don't need it. Brushing your teeth, washing your face, waiting for the water to get hot in the shower – all these times you don't really need it to be on, explained GHK. OK, maybe you need a little extra time for the shower to warm up, but if that's the case then just take a shorter shower. No need to dawdle.

8. Buy second hand 
Buying reused clothing might not sound like your cup of tea but you can actually find cute, high-end designer brands for cheap at thrift stores. The fast fashion market makes chic yet cheap clothing, yes, but all fashion trends are recycled. So you can definitely find the latest styles in a second hand shop – just look around.

9. Travel with e-tickets
Save the paper and anxiety of leaving your ticket on the counter at home when you travel next, suggested 50 Ways to Help the Planet. Just download an e-ticket, that way you have it right on your phone for a hassle free trip.

10. Hang dry wet clothes
With clothes dryers, the risk of shrinking and wrinkling your garments is high, so why not dry the good old fashioned way? You can also do the same for your hair if you aren't in a time crunch.